Food Safety and HACCP - The Basics

Welcome to the online training Food Safety and HACCP - The Basics!

This training provides you with basic knowledge about food safety, prerequisites and food safety control systems like HACCP.  With the right knowledge and the right behavior you will do your part to ensure safe food to the consumers.

If you complete all parts of the course and have correct results on all questions in the quiz knowledge test, you will receive a certificate.

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Target group
The online training is a basic training which can be offered to any employee working in a food manufacturing organization.

To give basic knowledge of food safety and HACCP in food manufacturing.

- Why work with food safety?
- Food Safety Hazards
- Prerequisites for food safety
- Hygiene zones
- Personal hygiene
- Cleaning
- Temperatures
- Maintenance
- Labelling
- Risk assessment and control of food safety hazards - HACCP
- Food Safety Culture
- Quiz

The training is conducted entirely remotely online. You use a regular web browser on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

The program alternates several short video-recorded lecture sections with text and presentations. 

Approximate time for completing the training is 1-2 hours.

You have access to the training for 3 months. One license per participant. Please note! You must log in with your own email address.